Mixing Framerates in Sony Vegas

It seems that as soon as I purchased a camera that only shot in 24p, I've had issues trying to get the footage to play nice with my camcorder, which only shoots in 30p. When I would combine the footage on the same timeline in Sony Vegas Pro, I would get motion blur from the clip that didn't match the project framerate. After looking for what seemed like forever to solve this problem, I came across the answer on the web. I was so relieved (and thought others might also benefit), I made a quick video about it and am sharing it with you.

Though not confirmed, this trick should work with all versions of Sony Vegas, making it useful to any Vegas user.


--Victor said…
learned this just last week.
Anonymous said…
I familiar with using this option but have never been able to figure out how to make the "disable resample" option operate by default... Anyone know or have any ideas? Thanks! LRH