Recap Q&A: Kickstarter Success!

Whew! The past twenty-four days have been quite the roller coaster ride with the Collection Day Kickstarter campaign. After a strong start and a quiet middle, everyone came through when they needed to. Not only was there a surge at the next-to-last day that put us over the top, but a super-generous pledge ($1,500) came in ten minutes to the deadline to push us WAY past our goal to a $10,926 total. What?! It really happened.

Kickstarter and Amazon still have to take their cut, but even after they do, we will still have close to $10k to make this film. That is awesome and will give the various departments some wiggle room to work within. This especially impacts production design and will allow us to create (or purchase) exactly what we need to make the film look and feel right.

Thanks go out to all who contributed and helped spread the word about this project. Without you we never would have had a budget of this size to make this project happen. I am very grateful for all the generosity and support that has come in the past month and continues to flow in.

There is still much to do. Cameras roll this October!