Interviewed by Knoptop!

Last night was a cool experience for me.  I was interviewed by Dave Knop of Knoptop fame for his QuickFX channel on YouTube. I've always liked Dave's content (no one does zany DIY filmmaking better) and it was a real pleasure to be interviewed about my upcoming thesis film and associated Kickstarter campaign. It was also fun to respond to live questions fielded by Dave's viewers who tuned in.

This was my first "live" interview on the web and I have to admit, I was a bit nervous. Dave is a very easy guy to talk to, however, and I was quickly calmed and enjoyed answering his questions.  The interview can be seen above and I hope I did justice to what I am trying to accomplish, as well as validate all of the skilled volunteers I have working in front of and behind the lens.

If you are wondering why my video looks so shaky, it's because I had my computer setting on an unstable surface (my bed). Note to self: don't do that again.