Down to the Wire!

The clock ticks on and we are at just over $7,000 at the time of this writing. With three days to go and just under $2,000 to raise on Kickstarter for my thesis film budget, the suspense is getting pretty thick. While I love suspense (I'm a big Hitchcock fan, after all), this is the kind that is giving me more gray hairs than I wish to admit I have!

The good news is that the number of contributors (and the amount they are contributing) is rapidly increasing in number. As the drop-dead date of Saturday at midnight approaches, people are stepping up to make sure we succeed. Family, friends, cast and crew (and their family and freinds), as well as the many supporters of The Frugal Filmmaker, are all rallying to make this film happen. It's very inspiring.

We're not quite there yet, however. There are three days to go and we need $2,000 more dollars to win our all-or-nothing prize. Any help you can give us is appreciated. I know we will succeed. There are so many kind people out there who have contributed already, and continue to spread the word and support for this project.

It's what "crowdfunding" is all about.


Anonymous said…
Not sure if it has been mentioned yet, but indiegogo is also a fundraising website, but doesn't have to have the 'all or none' option. You can decide to still receive funding if say only half was raised. Just something you or others may find useful.