Collection Day 9: Teaser Trailer / Lighting Quiz

In an effort to throw some more interest toward the Collection Day Kickstarter campaign, I've created a brief teaser (with actual footage this time). While what you see here won't be in the final film, it does give some insight insight into the setting and our lead character, Taylor (Kayla Esmond).

It may be of some interest that the wide shot featured below (minus TV effects) used a combination of moderately expensive to very cheap lighting.

The light sources used in this shot are:
Practical lamp
75w halogen spot light
Lowel Pro Light (250w)
200w incandescent bulb w/scoop reflector
Kino Flo 4 bank (1 bank active)

Can you guess where these light sources are coming from in the shot? Some are obvious, while others are completely hidden and two are in plain sight (one is easy, the other not so much). I'll update this post with some answers after you give the shot a gander for a few days.

Practical lamp - above telephone
75w halogen spot light - clamped to bed frame just above lamp, aimed at the back of Kayla's head
Lowel Pro Light - on light stand between mattress and box spring pointed at floor
200w scoop - bouncing off wall near chair
Kino Flo - large black monolith shape on right side of frame