Camera Grip Handle

Here's a basic camera grip handle that mounts into your camera's 1/4-20 tripod mount similar to this rubber grip or foam grip handle. Also works well on stabilizer rigs that might need a handle or two.


Bicycle grip, rubber or foam (rubber is more durable, foam is cheaper)

*DISCLAIMER* The grips I used in the video were obtained from a grocery store (!) long ago, and I've never seen this model since. I'm linking to a set on eBay, but have never used them and can't vouch for their ability to fit over the coupler. All I know is they are the right material that "should" work.

1/4" machine screw or bolt (machine screw is preferable so you can access through handle with a screwdriver)
1/4" lock washer

1/2" PVC slip plug (hexagonal shape preferred (Lowe's Hardware) for easy locating of center)
Watch "Tripod Dolly" video for demonstration on center drilling these plugs

1/2" PVC coupler
1/2" PVC pipe, 3 1/4" in length

Flash shoe adapter, dual nut version (single nut version has smaller surface area)


Drill w/ 1/4" drill bit

PVC cutters (or hacksaw, but cutters are WAY easier) at Harbor Freight Tools or Amazon

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