Collection Day 4: First Teaser and Some Marketing

Things are chugging along for my grad thesis film, Collection Day, and that includes some marketing moves. Last week we launched (thanks to associate producer Stephanie Stephens) an official Facebook Page and a Twitter feed. There isn't much content as of yet, but we did recently post the first of three audition notices.

I also registered an official, easy to remember domain name ( that, as of now, redirects to the Facebook page. I'm sure there will be a better use for it in the future, but a domain name is cheap and good to have for easily directing anyone interested to more information.

I also created a short teaser video. Even though no one has been cast and not one frame has been shot (we've only had one meeting!), a teaser video can be a good way to create interest and dole out information. Here, I reveal some key points to the story in every piece of text. I slightly animate the text to create drama (except for the title itself) and for the tagline at the end, it moves in the opposite direction (more drama!)

Of course, what really makes the teaser (if it is made at all) is the music. I used a royalty free selection ("Darkness is Coming") from Kevin McLeod over at his great site I think the piece fits really well and reminds of the score from John Carpenter's The Thing (1982), which is something I want in the final score of my film.

So what do you think? Does the teaser effectively pique your interest?


It is a start. This is a picture medium.
It needs some visuals to pull in prospective viewers. Music is good ...maybe just a little more intense.
It needs visuals with the text, after all it is a visual medium ... will create more interest among prospective viewers. Good music...maybe a little more bass.
Unknown said…
I remember Spiderman trailers pulling me in. They had intense emotion, a very deep bass in audio & white flashes at the transitions. At LEAST let me see Ms. Glass' shoes!!! Also, a collector's hand going in or exiting a mysterious pocket would be nice build up for a future payoff. good luck!