$10 Budget: Watch, Stylus, Army Men!

Today I roundup a few items from eBay, Dollar General, and (of course) Dollar Tree.  I've been looking for some near-future props for my thesis film Collection Day, and have been very interested in cheap digital watches from China.  They have some interesting designs and some could easily pass for wrist-worn communicators, which is exactly what I want.

Also in the show, I spend not much on a bunch of plastic army men, cowboys and indians, and buccaneers.  While it may seem like I'm just a giant child (which is very possible), I actually think we could use these for actor blocking and quick and dirty storyboards.

The last item is just a cheap pen/stylus you can use on your smartphone.  I find that trying to use my finger when trying to draw anything, just doesn't work.  Using your whole hand with a drawing instrument works much better.  Even though the pen on this combo device is terrible, the stylus will come in handy if you do any sort of diagramming (such as overheads) on your phone.

Mayday!  Mayday!