Frugal Follow Focus for Under $15

Another popular request is that of the DIY follow focus. With interchangeable lens cameras (and thus shallow depth of field) becoming so popular, it is now very important to carefully watch your critical focus. Keeping your subject in focus while they (or the camera) move around the set can be a challenge. A follow focus lets you (or your focus puller) do this job more efficiently.

The Frugal Follow Focus takes a standard follow focus gear (click here for different sizes) that is typically part of a larger system, and simplifies its use. Add to that a silicone rubber wrist band and the ever-popular C47 (a clothespin) and you’re in business.


Unknown said…
That's one of the best cheapo follow focuses I've seen so far. Wrapping a jar opener around the lens won't give you accurate markings for focal points like this does. I've ordered one from Ebay and am eager to try it out.