$10 Budget: Handle Bulb Pen Protector!

Several viewers have commented about possibly changing the title of this show to showcase various gadgets without constantly going "over budget". So I have done it! Instead of trying to find individual items that float around the price of one dollar, now all the items featured in the show should be covered by ten bucks total.

This frees me up a bit (though the format or things I buy doesn't really change) to buy slightly more expensive finds without always getting buzzed for over-spending. What might change, however, is that some shows may have a bunch of cheap items or one at ten dollars even. I prefer the variety of many versus the singularity of one, but that's how it goes.

This time out,  I found a stubby but well-made camera handle that I've attached to my Frugal Stabilizer II, a lens pen for removing dust, an air pump bulb for cleaning my camera sensor, and iPad protector screens that could perform the same function on a camera LCD.

I still go a bit over budget, though if you look at the current prices for these goodies (which tend to fluxuate), I made it under a Hamilton.


Unknown said…
Hi Scott,
I hate to waste items I buy so after buying the brackets and building the rig, I had a bracket left over so I simple added it to the rig and made it into a wide handle rig. Just as a thought.
T. Lord said…
A good change -- "under a dollar" is nice, but a) if it leads to kvetching over details, then it's too much friction for the sake of a cute number b) $10 lets you group things, which I personally prefer -- even when the items aren't of like nature, contrast is nice -- the opportunity cost is still there, even if it's apples vs. oranges. (Why do people get hung up on comparing apples to oranges, anyhow? Seems a valid concern, if you're at the grocery store with a budget ...) c) It vastly increases the number of interesting things that are still in a very low budget category. And since $10 is the new upper limit, not lower, you're not precluded from reviewing all the $1 items you want ;)

Related thought: There are cheap items that you might productively / creatively revisit. For instance, I've heard of some interesting uses for gaffer's tape, but surely don't know everything that can be done with it. Amazon doesn't show many options for it under $10, but there are at least a few ;)