Conversation Hearts (short film)

Conversation Hearts is my latest short film (I'm calling it a surreal rom-com) that fully employs The Frugal Filmmaker mentality.  It's the first short using my "new" Sony NEX 5n camera and vintage Minolta prime lenses and the Sony 18-55mm kit lens.  It also features all Frugal gear that I've built (no C-stands or Arri lighting kits allowed), seen here on this site. If you're curious about the details about how this short was made, stay tuned for a "Making of" episode coming soon.



Unknown said…
Like it when you shoot film then show how you did it, helps me and helps with coming up with ideas and tactics.
Appreciate you doing this. said…
Your Sony takes amazing, pristine video! And your sound was great, too.
MT4Runner said…
Excellent--I'm looking forward to the making-of.
Very well-written. I was leaning in, listening closely to their dialogue, even though your word options were limited by what shook out of the bag!
The mis-readings were humorous!
Mike Y. said…
Well, Scott, I must say it was a better film than "Meridith" in my opinion.

Lighting was MUCH better and the sound was excellent.

Overall, an A+ on this one!
Unknown said…
Loved it. Really looking forward to the "behind-the-scenes!"
Anonymous said…
Hey Scott,

very well done! I have two questions: 1. I was wondering how you did the audio for the video?

2. I, also, am a frugal filmmaker; what sub $1000 camera (with HD--720 or 1080--recording) would you recommend? (used tech is not a big deal)