The Making of "Meredith"

"Meredith" was a short created recently for a Writing and Directing the Short Film Class.  The only requirements were a five minute length, two characters, and a script written by someone else.  As always, you learn a few things on each project, so today I share with you what I learned this time out.

Original script, "Reaction" by Chris Henderson
Rewritten script, "Meredith" by Chris Henderson and Scott Eggleston
24" China Ball Paper Lantern on Amazon
How to make a PVC light stand to hang your China Ball


Bruce said…
What do you use for a bulb in the China ball? said…
Using title cards is not only a good way to cover some types of editing on your film, but it's also a creative way to get past the "having no money" thing on a bigger indie film.

Though I don't think it's that big a deal nowadays, it used to cost extra money to put credits over picture. A little film history lesson ;)
Hoorweeneck said…
I can not download neither of the scripts. This.. darn site (whose I'm not a customer of) wants money from me. Heeelp!
Seriously, would you be so kind to post it somewhere.. less obtrusive? E.g. At least, consider it, pretty please.
Anonymous said…
Hello. Did you use the magic lantern or just the China one?
Scott Eggleston said…
Hoorweeneck, I fixed the download problem by putting the scripts somewhere other than fileden. Download away!

Anonymous, we just used the China ball. Magic Lantern was not installed on the Canon DSLR we shot the film with.