Recap Q&A: How about a Frugal Showcase?

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Gels, an introduction

Color correction gel pack - $20

Large CTB gel (half) - $15

Large CTO gel $15

DSLR shoulder rig review

How to set marks for your actors

10 things DPs do that annoy the rest of the crew

Editing a bar scene for film

How to build a DIY green screen

Lighting Techniques 2 - Eve Hazelton

Canon A120 + CHDK

Difference between video camera and DSLR?

Litepanels and the LED video light battle

Review of the LED film light from eBay

Lensstraps review - $11 follow focus

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Man, sorry to hear about "On the Rise". I wouldn't worry about it too much...the world has this habit of giving people chances. Take American Idol, for instance.