Frugal Stabilizer II

After long last, I am finally updating the very popular PVC Stabilizer Rig. This two-handed camera stabilizer (think FigRig) has satisfied a lot of people, but did have a few shortcomings.  In this episode I create a sequel to the Frugal Stabilizer, address those issues and only spend a few bucks more than the original.

Watch the original "Camera Stabilizer Rig for Under $5"

2x Dual-L flash brackets - $8.07 each

Hot shoe mount adapter - $2.13 each

Rubber fender washers with 1/4" hole
Hardware store - $.50 each

Metal quick release system - $10

Padded weightlifting gloves - $8


Nitsan Simantov said…
Nice one Scott!
Really nice compact cage/rig! :) said…
Another great innovation. This is why you're so popular.

I noticed quite a bit of rolling shutter with the camcorder's footage; do you have that problem often with it?

I like the idea of the weightlifting gloves because when I want to look like a boss shooting with cool gear, I go the full nine yards and make sure I look like Judd Nelson circa "The Breakfast Club". ;)

Great post!
Anonymous said…
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Charlie O'Brien said…

sorry to freak out. Followed the NEW link to amazon and bought two of the quick connects there for $12 each - $1 shipping.
Anonymous said…
Hand-grip idea: Use a couple of about 4.5" pieces of 1" foam pipe insulation. The slit along the side of the insulation makes add/remove easy.
Lisa Elfers said…
I got this one on Amazon. It doesn't work for heavy cameras, but for cameras about 2 lbs and under it does a nice stabilizer