Tip: Christmas Spending!

If you are wondering where to spend your pending Christmas cash, I have a few ideas...

PVC Ratcheting Cutters

Blake Snyder's "Save the Cat!"

Gaffer's Tape (2" x 30 yard roll, black)

Gerber Compact Sport Multi-tool

The Rokkor Files

KEH camera

Minolta to Sony NEX 5n adapter with tripod mount

Merry Christmas!


DIYFilmSchool said…
Regarding writing a script -- I suggest people check out "The Moral Premise" by Stanley Williams. He really breaks down screenwriting into a showcase of vice vs. virtue. I heard him speak in person on the subject and he really makes writing palatable to anyone.

Thanks for this list :)
Unknown said…
Great tip on the lens adapter with a tripod mount!! Will have to look for one of those.
DIYFilmSchool said…
Also, I had never heard of KEH before this post, so thank you for that, too.

I went to the site and, while I didn't spend a ton of time there, a lot of the gear they offer doesn't have corresponding thumbnails, so a person would have to do some other research before making a purchase through the site, I think.