Recap Q&A: What Audio Recorder?

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Clip Lamp Camera Mount

Noob Shock Mount Adapter

Flash shoe adapter with thread

Nanguang LED video light (and cold shoe adapter)

Knoptop's "Homemade Micro-muff"

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$1 Budget: Stop, Sleeve Pistol!

Magic Lantern HDR workflow

DIY 600 LED vs. 300 LED comparison

Shoulder rig update

Inexpensive lighting and diffusion

4 step YouTube workflow and going social

Realistic muzzle flash tutorial


Dave Montgomery said…
In response to the slate app, you are correct, there is a free Android app. It's called Sync Slate and it works with both my Android phone and Android tablet. It's a beta app, but it seems to work great, and it also has additional features like a focus pattern and an RGB swatch in the camera utilities section. Here's the link to their page:
Libby said…
I have been using the Tascam DR40. Very nice. I caught a 20% off email coupon over at Muscian's Friend, plus the item was on sale, so I got a very nice deal. Nice sound on the Tascam even using just the builtin mics. Have been using it for foley work, interviews, and I'm happy with the device.

Fake fur - there some company out there selling "fake fur sticky dots" to stick on a camera mic. They're basically circles of fake fur. They sell them in something like a 5 pack for $19.95 or something equally ridiculous. Just cut your circle and use some double face removable tape, and be careful in how you stick it so none of the tape stuff gets into any openings where it shouldn't go.