Tip: Stealth Camera Bag for $6

I recently bought a new camera, the Sony NEX 5n, which is a great deal for the money.  I then needed a camera bag to shove my new toy and all of its accessories in, but as usual, did not want to pay full price.  After poking around on the web, I found some very cool alternatives.

Ozark Trail 6 Can Cooler with Hardliner

Protect Traveling Lenses with a Beer Cozy


Unknown said…
At first I laughed, then I got sold. Why spend hundreds of dollars for a bag at BHPhoto when I can go to WalMart and get a bag that's almost the same thing? The more I watch these, the more sense this makes. Thanks for the great videos.
Haddock said…
A good idea. Good protection for the camera and cost effective too.