Clip Lamp Camera Mount

When I needed a specialized rig to mount inside of a gazebo to shoot a wedding, I made one.

Clip from desk clip lamp:
1/4" machine screw or bolt, 2" in length
1/4" washer
1/4" lock washer
3x 1/4" nut
1/4" fender washer, 1 1/4" wide
1/4" rubber fender washer 1 1/4" wide
mini ball head:

7/16" wrench
#11 wrench


Greg Nuspel said…
If you are looking for ways of mounting lights and stuff like that here is a great resource
They have vacuum grips, spring clamp, stud ends. You've seen this exact thing marketed out there a greatly inflated prices as photo accessories.
DIYFilmSchool said…
This is phenomenal! Thank you for this video. I've been mulling over ways to mount my shotgun somewhere other than my laptop cover lid (though I'm not opposed to that) and I figured it would come down to doing something like this build. I think I can probably build it even cheaper given that I probably won't need the ball head, but I'm considering using it for extra flexibility. Thank you again!