Shot List: The Kitchen

Here's a lighting exercise for everyone. How do you make a basic kitchen look more interesting? What if you only had some cheap lights to make it look better? The above video is my answer to these pressing questions. This is just an experiment, as I'm no expert gaffer, but some interesting results can be had with simple light placement.

So, point your camera at your kitchen, jazz it up with some lights and attach your video to mine via YouTube. I'd love to see what everyone comes up with.

"Starburst Dreams" courtesy
 Budget Light Kit
 $1 Budget: Dollar Tree Lights!


Lucas Kitchen said…
good piece on spicing up lighting in the kitchen. said…
I love the accent light. When you flipped on the initial tungsten light, the kitchen looked like one you'd find in an RV or mobile home. It was strangely endearing.

I'd have to think about how to rig something to block the spill, but if I were setting this up, I would have moved the puck light by the blender to the middle of the underside of the cabinet. Maybe you wanted the light to spill onto the sink; I'm a perfectionist and want things centered.

I'm really surprised by the wattage of your lights. I'm so used to overcompensating for a camera. I'm going to have to check out your videos on putting together a lighting kit.

If for some reason you wanted to try to match the color of the puck lights to tungsten, you could get a gel sample pack. I don't know where you'd get one; mine was a gift, but they are gel squares about 2"x2". Tear some out and tape them to the puck lights.