Table Dolly Junior

Here is an updated version of the Table Dolly that I created over two years ago.  This version performs the same function (lateral or curved dolly moves on a flat surface), but with a smaller profile, fewer parts, less cost and is easier to construct. Many of you have made a lot of these changes already, but this official version will be better for those new viewers thinking of building the older model.

4x new or used inline skate wheels with bearings

5x ¾” PVC slip plugs
3x ¾” PVC tee joints
2x ¾” PVC 90 degree elbow joints
4x ¾” PVC pipes, 1 ½” long

4x ¼” bolts, 2” long
1x ¼” bolt, ½” long
8x ¼” nuts
5x ¼” lock washers
1x ¼” rubber fender washer

Drill with ¼” drill bit
Socket wrench with long 7/16” socket
7/16” wrench


DIYFilmSchool said…
I think this was the video that pointed me to your direction. I think this is a great build and seems stable enough to incorporate a DSLR without much camera shake.