Recap Q&A: What Pro Gear Would You Use?

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XSportSeeker said…
Oh man, let's dream a bit shall we?
Most of my stuff nowadays is prossumer/consumer and DIY.
If I had the budget... well...
Camera: RED Epic? Canon EOS C300? Nikon D3x? A professional camcorder? Hard choice... I guess I'd have to do some more research. Couple of backups and some "fun" cameras for sideprojects - couple of portable ones, couple of GoPro.
But if I went the dSLR way, I'd get a nice set of Carl Zeiss Compact Prime CP.2 lenses - ouch, a good tele, a good wide angle and a fisheye.
Tripod: Manfroto carbon fiber series... as much as needed MWAHAHAHA. And then several types of head depending on what I'd do with them.
Acessories: Pretty much everything from Zacuto. Rig, USB focus controler, EVF.. Build quality and options are awesome!
A proper external monitor too (though I liked very much Deejay's post about the Nexus 7)
Crane, Dolly, Sliders: Kessler Crane. Hard to find anything else that does what those can do for timelapse videos.
A proper Steadycam.
Render farm? Not an animator, so at least a proper video editing setup.
A personal license for Adobe Master Collection plus several industry grade plug-ins... Magic Lantern, Boris, etc.
And then, pro gear for audio recording... XLR recorder, all sorts of pro-grade mics. At least a set of booms/shotguns, another set of lavs.
I'd get a studio with proper lighting gear and space, and of course a crew to support all this.
Maybe I went over the Hollywood budget already. :P