Recap Q&A: Favorite Filmmaker Apps?

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Martin said…
My favorite filmmaking apps:
* ProPrompter Pro (tho I think there's a free version too) - I even built my own magnifying teleprompter hardware to house the iPhone using this app -
* Storyboard from cinemek HD (I can't draw so I love this)
* FiLMiC Pro - improves built in app with focus & exposure lock, WB etc.
* 8mm - great fake reto look - useful if you need b-roll that is supposed to be old and you want to do it quickly.
* iMovie for iOS - still can't believe I can edit on my iPhone
* Magic Bullet Movie Looks HD
Inkeye said…
Some apps I've downloaded from another site's post about time-lapse are:

Star Walk - great app for the night sky

Sun Seeker - will tell you about sun rise and sun set and give you additional info such as sun position during the day. Would be helpful for planning day shots.

Kessler app - time-lapse calculator and level

Shot Lister - planning out the days shots

HDSLR Slate - not my favorite but it might be worth it for someone

Weather Apps