Tripod Dolly

While I have made some camera dollies in the past, this one is closer to the real thing.  While a "real" dolly gives you a platform the operator can stand on, this version is made solely to support a camera tripod.  This allows you to pan and tilt while you are tracking, opening up some more dynamic cinematography.  Made from PVC (of course) and a pair of roller skates from Wal-Mart, I like this rig and plan to use it on many projects in the near future.


8x 3/4" PVC plugs
4x 3/4" PVC side outlet elbows
5x 3/4" PVC T-joints
1x 3/4" PVC pipe (10')
2x 2" PVC pipe (10')

Roller Derby Men's Cruisers or 8x skate wheels + bearings
8x 5/16" bolts, 1.5" in length
8x 5/16" nuts
8x 5/16" washers
8x 5/16" lock washers


Dremel rotary tool on Dremel Workstation
Cordless drill w/ 1/4" & 5/16" drill bits
PVC Ratcheting Cutters
Drill press vise


Greg said…
Very Nice!
I'm making something similar.
I like your design.
Good Job!
Anonymous said…

Skate wheels require adjustment. If you didn't take this step, try it. Tighten the nuts until the wheel is catching (rough feeling) and then back off on the retaining nut until the wheel just turns completely free.

Might improve the feel of your dolly.
Anonymous said…
Great rug Scott.t's all about the wheels and great bearings that is where i place the money, 50-55mm wheels and you are good/
Jason Vandehey said…
I think that your washer is too big. I used just a locking-washer on the outside of my table dolly. When I used a larger washer, it drug on the outside of the bearing.
Anonymous said…
yes ,i also think washer is too big,i have buy a tripod from LD,but i didn't quiet know how to use it can you write a blog about Panoramic Head Kit
Unknown said…
I was thinking about the track as I was making my dolly and came up against the idea that what if you need a longer run of track? For me, the answer is to put a smaller diameter of PVC onto a lathe and carefully turn it down until it barely fits inside what you are using for dolly track. Make a bunch of these, glue one side in place and then you can plug your track lengths together for a seamless run. I am using 3/4 inch for my track, making my rail joiners from 1/2 inch pvc turned down. And if you need a more rigid track length, you can switch to the black stuff I think.
Anonymous said…
Good. I'll try it out!!