Recap Q&A: How Do You Raise Money?

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Daniel Rutter said…
Hey Scott;

Honestly, the best way I believe to raise money for your films (and I do this for my own films, or for my own gear) is to film for other people.

Primarily I shoot live music performances, and the very occasional promotional video. Sometimes even working for one person for free, they recommend you to a friend and you make money off that job.

I asked in the Facebook group some weeks back, but it never got an answer. Is it AT ALL possible that there could be a Frugal Film maker forum away from Facebook? I'm sure you see the limits with a Facebook Group, where a dedicated forum would allow users to search (effectively) for old posts and suggestions.
I know quite a few people on the Facebook Group who would be interested, and would definitely put their hands up to help moderate such a forum.

Take care!
- Daniel