Quick Release Showdown

After using the Sima Quickonnect for all of my sub-$10 quick release needs, another product has shown up on the horizon recently. A clone of the Manfrotto 323 RC2 quick release system, this Chinese knock-off is a solid product that comes in at 1/4 of the price of the original. Both systems are great for allowing you to move your camera between DIY builds, but this Manfrotto clone is the better buy in my opinion.

The New Jersey eBay supplier seems to randomly jack up the price up to $108.48 (why?), so double check before you buy, or use the Hong Kong supplier.

Manfrotto Clone, Hong Kong Supplier ($9.30)

Sima Quickonnect, Amazon ($8-12)


James said…
Great review. Scott. Definitely going to get one myself!
Anonymous said…
If one owns a Manfrotto tripod, will the camera-side quick release of the clone fit that tripod? (This would seem to offer a small advantage in standardizing all of one's mounts.)
Keithington said…
As of 5/30/2012 the NJ supplier has dropped the price to $8.48!! I just bought 3!
Peter said…
Yeah ebay sellers will jack up the price if it's out of stock to deter buyers but still keep their "best match" ranking.
Tom Guiney said…
I would avoid the Sima. This 7$ quick connect cost me about 1000$. At the top of my weighted monopod rig, I had a Sima, then my camera with an LED light on top. Stupid me didn't have a safety tied to my camera. Quickconnect quickly disconnected, camera bit the dust, my expensive does it all image stabilized zoom bit the dust. Broken. Repair estimates well exceed the price of the lens. I am sad. So you could a) tie a safety on your cam when you use a quickconnect or b) not save so much money on your quickconnect.

DIYFilmSchool.net said…
Basically it comes down to price and durability, then? I know the price fluctuates with the Manfrotto clone (today it's over $9 for the NJ supplier), but overall, I really see no big difference outside of the clone's metal composition.

If we were to build any of your rigs, it would make the most sense to use the parts that you did for time and cost, no?
Unknown said…
What are the dimensions of the release plate on the Manfrotto Clone?