Fisheye lens for $6

Knoptop and Quick FX returns with his version of putting a peephole onto his point and shoot camera. This gives the coveted "fisheye" look of a super wide angle lens that distorts everything. I've seen different videos using this specific hack, but never quite seen it the Knoptop way. And if it uses PVC, you can bet I'm going to pay attention.

Also, check out Knop's "uncut" version that shows more of the parts collection process as well as a trip through the drive-through to get a doughnut. It's classic Dave.

Comments said…
Not bad. For six bucks, it may be worth building this.

I have a Zi8 that I don't use. My biggest gripe with it is that I couldn't watch my framing if I was the subject. Now that I have a phone that shoots decent video, I'll use that on trips.