The Complete FF Radio Interview

Last week I participated in my first ever radio interview for "Grow It, Build It, Live It", hosted by Joni Dahlstrom. Joni was a very gracious host and was aided by her son Jake, who is a film student and suggested me as a potential interviewee. There were some prepared questions as well as those that were provided by listeners who were logged into a chat room. I think the show went well and we were able to get some very useful information out into cyberspace. Internet radio is just another example of how the web has changed all forms of media and I had a lot of fun participating in the show.

If you missed it and would like to hear the entire broadcast, click on the audio player above. If you would like to listen on your own device, you can right-click here and select "Save Link As...". I've cut out all the four-minute breaks, which brings the whole show in just over two-and-a-half hours. Enjoy!