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XSportSeeker said…
Hey Scott,

Regarding the question made by the T2i user who needs to pull focus on a gib... user sdh3ffs I think.
I don't have any personal contact with these products, but he might be looking for something like these:
I heard about it sometime ago, not needing it right now, so I just stored for later on bookmarks.
It is a pretty expensive piece of equipment, but then again it is pretty unique and handy if it works well.
I do advise doing a bit more research on USB focus controllers though, just might find something better/cheaper... if it is needed at all.
Easier way would be setting focus to infinity and just leave it at that on a gib... because it would also require an external monitor to actually check the focus, with the T2i.
Another more handmade solution I saw, don't have the link though, would involve making a focus puller and some sort of control via strings, or perhaps something like a bike break cable.
Might need a cage for that, or pulleys.
The one solution I saw was handmade but didn't have DIY instructions, so...
For this one you still need an ext. monitor of course.
Well, that's about it.