Recap Q&A: Do We Need Our Own Forum?

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DIY $5 matte box

Assassins and getting great shots

Time lapse how-to (intervalometer)

10 lessons for portrait photographers: the art of story

Bill Nunes' $1 DSLR focus puller

Using a red dot sight on long lenses

DIY apple box

DIY shoulder rig

Camera L-bracket for $9

Tascam DR-05 portable digital recorder, $81

Kitesurf camera mount

DIY sunshade - walletshade!


Sam King said…
I just discovered your show and website last week. I am enjoying going through the archives and learning new things.

I love the design of the PVC rig but it to small to fit a Canon GL 2 on it. The Gl 2 is the only camera available to rent at my college. Here are the specs:

Do you have any suggestions for similar rigs that are big enough to fit the GL 2?

Also do you know of any good DIY designs to put wheels on a tripod?

Thanks for the great site and information. Keep up the good work.
B Porter said…
To complement the Facebook group, you might want to look into the following:

That way you could incorporate forums within the Facebook environment.