A Fancier Frugal Floater

Dave Langkamp sent me an email last week about how he had liked The Frugal Floater and had built his own. Not only that, but he had stepped up the production value on his version to include a balance arm made of CNC cut plywood all wrapped in a fiberglass resin sheet! It looks pretty great, and I recommend you check out his site to get the dirty details of this very nice recreation. Dave has yet to shoot any test footage, but his model sure hits high on the aesthetic meter.

I really like it when you guys take my ideas and add your own spin. It's what this blog is all about. Someone presents an idea and the rest of the world runs with it. It's very exciting to be a part of a community that creates and shares, creates and shares. It's a cycle I really enjoy being a part of.

If you've modified, tweaked, improved, painted or bested any of my previous designs, please send me pictures and a writeup. I would love to publish your results and send some much deserved traffic your way.


Joseph St Clair said…
Very nice job he did. Helps to have a ShopBot too... :)

Does this mean we get to start calling you Steve? ;)