Bill Nunes' $1 DSLR Focus Puller

I forgot the channel that I was on earlier today but he had mentioned using a jar lid strap found on ebay to wrap around the lens focus gear. Thought it was a pretty good ideal. Anyway, I was standing in line at The Dollar Tree store and noticed these that would work in the same way.

Headbands - $1.00 for two!

- Heat up in water to make plastic pliable.
- Quickly dry with paper towels.
- Wrap around lens focus gear before it cools off.
- Wrap with hockey tape, etc if desired.
- If molded tightly enough then no tape is really required. Will stay on by itself.

Thank you for all that you have posted. We appreciate it out here.

Scott Sez: And I appreciate your tip, Bill! I think It's really great when we discover something cool and share it with the rest of the world. It's a large part of the microbudget spirit.


emofoto said…
Hello, I'm a long time visitor and I've found a pretty good deal for a zoom/focus puller on a french site :

Well, it's very limited as didn't find it anywhere else but it's very cheap. I've just bought it. said…
This is a cheap alternative, sure, but once it's molded onto the lens gear, will it ever come off?