The $1 Budget: Adapt, Test and Bubble!

Three more items found for a crisp dollar may help you along your filmmaking journey. This month I look at some 3-prong to 2-prong outlet adapters, a battery tester and a magnetic level. Not what you were looking for? Leave me a comment about your $1 find and if I use it on the show I'll give you credit and send whatever traffic I can muster to your YouTube channel or website.

Cross Check Level

7 Function Multimeter


If you have a smartphone (I have an Apple4) you probably can locate a FREE app that you can use for a level (I use iHandy Level which is great for around the house, too). Also, don't forget these smartphones can put out not only pretty bright lights with Flashlight apps, but adjustable, with strobe effects etc...FREE!!
That last comment was about using smnartphones in a pinch, like using a flashlight app to use your iPhone as an emergency backlight and so on. Not as a primary anything. Just wanted to be clear on that.
DIYFilmSchool said…
I love the battery tester. For a buck, I'd pick it up.

Regarding using an iPhone, I agree with Michael; in a pinch they will work. Don't expect too much, but they do give a decent spread.

I shot a DIY project for my cousin last year and we had to illuminate a room with iPhones. If you can imagine, a three-point setup with human light stands. I can give you a link to the video if you want to check it out.