Recap Q&A: Which Web Show is Best?

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Zoom H1 handy recorder

Tascam DR-05 portable digital recorder

Tascam DR-40 portable digital recorder

Audio-Technica ATR-3350 lav mic

Shotgun Microphone Shootout

Havard Nordgard's pan and tilt system

DIY pistol grip camera mount for $1

DIY Glidecam / monopod modification

Easy cut PVC DIY shockmount

Cinematography: Theory and Practice, second edition

White paper lantern, 24" diameter - $7

Tascam DR-05 portable audio recorder case

Short Film: "Hostages"

Make your very own demon

Toy guns becoming a criminal offense?

YouTube Creator Playbook v2 now available

Kris Kuhn's "Frugal Buggy"

16GB SDHC card - $14

Malbert Gansuen's DIY camera slider

Free Filmmakers and Acting Talent Network

DIY Filmmaker Bi-weekly contest

Vegas Movie Studio HD - $29

Gip Gippie's follow focus

Gregory Cannon's camera bracket/camera rig

Adrian Culda's DIY shoulder rig

7" Standard Def external monitor - $46


Anonymous said…
A large creature in the tree at the 40 second mark. Great stuff keep up the super work!
Anonymous said…
actually at 1:35 looks like a racoon.
Anonymous said…
Some of those tinyurl links are quite suspicious, redirecting through via host. Be careful that someone isn't capturing your passwords along the way.