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Universal iPhone tripod mount - $2.19

2.7" LCD camcorder hood

Alternative Zoom H1 hard case

Donald Wren's double shoulder rig

Donald Wren's Camera Jib / Crane

Zoom H4n Handy Portable Digital Recorder - $272

ART USB Dual Pre 2 Channel Preamp - $79

Work lights from Lowe's with PVC extensions

Gentrit Bajrami's paintball camera mount

James DeRuvo's refurb Canon camcorder on PVC FigRig

James DeRuvo finds PVC FigRig stand

G-rar Vdb's PVC stabilizer rig

Best time to publish videos to YouTube

Free sound effects

David Curtis' chromakey test

Growing Your YouTube Channel

David Stembridge's DIY Steadicam (in progress)

DIY Squib - Making a bullet blast effect

Joseph Puente's inexpensive gels

DIY DSLR viewfinder

Gip Gippie's DIY follow focus

Henry Feige's PVC shoulder rig

24" paper lantern for cheap soft light - $7

Sean Scarfo's DIY slider

Gip Gippie's DIY LCD viewfinder

David Curtis' DIY lav mic windscreen