Recap Q&A: How's the New Format?

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Raynox HD-6600 Pro 58 wide angle lens

Canon Powershot with video mode and manual features ($79)

Canon S100: Best P&S for video right now

Zoom H1 Handy Recorder

Tascam DR-05 Portable Digital Recorder

Canon RF200 (mic input, manual audio, headphone) $289

Sony Vegas product comparison

Canon EOS T2i (body only)

Dave Dugdale's DSLR lens picks

Stu Maschwitz' DSLR lens picks

Getting better as a director: gaining trust

David Curtis finds a spring for the stabilizer rig

David Curtis' triple-camera rig

Wayne Poe's PVC stabilizer rig with three lights

Karen Foster's PVC stabilizer w/Zoom H1 shockmount

Color correction gels 4/$7

David Curtis and spotlight diffusion

David Curtis' DIY steadicam test

Havard Nordgard's crane/jib mount

Refurbished Canon Camcorders

$1 Budget: cases and a headset, oh my!

Joseph Puente's FigRig

Efrain Sabino's PVC stabilizer rig

Macro tubes: getting closer on the cheap

Gregory Cannon's Opteka LED light review

Importing AVCHD footagage into FCPX

Adrian Cerchia's PVC steadycam test

Sean Scarfo's cheapy follow focus

Joel Thomas' PVC cap substitute

The proper use of jump cuts

Alex Soares' PVC stabilizer rig

Adorama flash bracket vs generic flash bracket

Sean Scarfo finds hand grip and shoulder pad material

Samson Airline Micro wirless mic UHF system review

David Curtis' PVC table dolly

Sean Scarfo finds 150, 200, 300 watt equivalent CFL bulbs

Sean Scarfo finds 300w equivalent LED rechargeable work light

Scott Davis' DIY shoulder rig tutorial


well Scott, it is a bit... good stuff; but I can't stay on top of listening to everything :) The best thing is the links, and just having a solid searchable way to find tips or products mentioned on the FB page has been very helpful. I truly enjoy your DIY projects the besttest!!!
YEA! I'm the first comment..
I can't speak for everyone else but I think if you can do it... more more and even more! I follow your FB page and I always get great ideas, and I have NEVER been disappointed in any builds you have done. My shop is full of your builds and I thank you!
Vin Weathermon said…
So what distracted you at around 14:20 or so? :-)
Anonymous said…
Canon S100 best P&S for video?

That's subjective. I'd say the Sony HX9V is with it's amazing 1080 60p mode and great image stabilization. IMHO.
Jim Mitchell said…
Hey I am new at all of this... So I am up for as much information as I can get. One of the advantages of your format is - it's one place that I can see a ton of valuable information. I have already built a couple of your DIY projects and used a number of your tips. If your up for the work I am up for seeing it. Thanks!
Scott Eggleston said…
Vin, my wife pulled in front of me in her car and it totally blew my concentration. I never stop the Recap show once I start, so...