Knoptop Upgrades the Zoom H1

Recently Zoom released a new firmware upgrade for its popular digital audio recorder, the H1. Knoptop takes us through the basic steps to get the job done. I have the H1 and haven't done the upgrade yet, but darn it if Dave doesn't make it look like fun!


benjamin said…
hey guys - can anyone tell me what benefits I get with the new update? just read it on cheesycam and anywhere else but no one can tell me what kind of advantages I'll get ...?

greetings from berlin
Gmhorse said…
1. Added USB Audio Interface function.
2. The starting time is shortened.
3. Added the File R ecovery function that restores broken data caused by power-off while recording.
4. S kip date/time setting menu after 10 seconds with no operation.
5. H1 freezes at the end of a recording in MP3 format in rare cases.
6. Some PC software can not recognize the mark created by H1.
Anonymous said…
You can use it a usb audio interface.