Suction Cup Camera Mount

If you've ever needed a shot of your actors actually driving a car, you'll need a special rig to do it. These tend to be very expensive, but here is a DIY method that works pretty well. It involves a dual suction cup lifter (the kind they use to move large panes of glass) being attached to your car and then attaching something to it that can hold your camera. While this has been done before, I employed a former piece of FF gear in a way you may not of thought of.

One interesting thing I learned from making this video was not so much how to mount the rig, but where to mount it. I had a challenging problem to overcome, but as you'll see, the solution was right in front of me.

Dual Suction Cup Lifter

Frugal Clamp (C-Clamp Mount)

Sima Quickonnect

1" x 15' Ratchet Strap tie-down (I found a single version for $5, but this is the basic idea)

58mm Circular Polarizing Lens

Comments said…
I wonder, if you needed the wider shot from the hood of your car, would it be possible to dampen the vibration with the use of some kind of beanbag?

I have one of those rice or buckwheat heating pads (I don't know what's in it, truthfully), and I wonder if that would counteract the vibration.
Action camera said…
I really impress with this camera mount and I think it is also good to use in air gliding or skateboarding and take or record some action shots.