Flexible Arm Clamps

This week on Quick FX: poseable clamps! Knoptop shows us how to build these multi-purpose grabbers (basically two spring clamps connected by a bendable neck) for use in our productions. This idea came from his need to see himself while shooting. He's recording with an iPod Touch which has a fixed LCD. A small mirror (held by the bendy clamp) lets him check his shot from in front of the camera. Problem solved!

Dave also talks about using his Apple device as his entire production studio. This episode was shot, edited and uploaded from said device. He promises a behind-the-scenes video of this process. He's experimented with all kinds of cameras and workflows to streamline production, so I look forward to seeing his results this time.


DIYFilmSchool.net said…
This is a great tip. In our Holiday Gear Guide video, we almost showcased the Nasty Clamps, which you've made mention of in your links on this site, but felt the price was way too high for just one of them. This video should help circumvent that.