Sanyo CG20 HD Camera at Radio Shack for $86

While poking around at Rat Shack today, I came across this fantastic frugal find. The Shack is clearing out their stock of the Sanyo Xacti CG20 HD video camera, my choice as the best entry level video camera you can buy. It has a ton of manual features, shoots a decent picture (for this price point) and even has a 5x zoom lens (no mic input or headphone jack, however)! Normally they run around $140 online and this price will save you over fifty bucks.
If you are looking for an inexpensive camera that is perfect for web video, you'd better run (don't walk!) to your local Radio Shack to see if they still have any in stock. You can use the Shack's website to check your local store's stock online. I don't know if every store is clearing these out, but you can easily check for stock, then give them a call about the price.


Notes to Self said…
Too bad no manual mode for exposure is supported ;-(
knoptop said…
My major complaint with some of these brand of camera's is that the mic is on the back of the LCD, so flipping the screen to see yourself to a make self recording... your audio isnt that great. :\
Scott Eggleston said…
Alex, it should have an exposure lock just like its predecessor, the CG10 (which I own). Use a gray and lock exposure. There should be a manual control as well (again, like the CG10).

Knoptop, good point about the mics. Pair this camera with the Zoom H1 recorder and you've still only spent $186.