Boom Box: The ART USB Duel Pre Preamp

The DSLR Film Noob is at it again, finding versatile gear at affordable prices. Today he shares his findings about the ART USB Dual Pre, which allows XLR and 1/4" mic inputs, adjustable volume, phantom power, USB connectivity and lots more. For a reasonable $79, this is a great deal. The caveat is that it's not made to connect to any kind of camera rig, but Deejay shows a simple hack (he drilled a hole in the case) to remedy this.

I'm still using my XLR-PRO converter box, but the ART Preamp is light years past the XLR-PRO in features and at almost half the price. If you need something like this (which is probably closest to a $299 Juicedlink CX231), it's definitely worth your time, especially if you don't mind the easy mod to make it mountable.