Tiny Amp Adds Audio Features

Deejay has another great tip this week coming from his blog, DSLR Film Noob. He talks about using the FiiO headphone amp to boost audio coming from your DSLR camera to your headphones. This is especially handy if you are using an external monitor like Deejay. I also like the use for this little gadget for non-DSLR users (like me) that turns your XLR box from a passive to active device. This basically gives you an external mic preamp that will take the load off of your camera's internal (and noisier) audio electronics. Very nice.


Your video says use the USB to composite cable that comes with your camera. The only USB cable that the 5D mark ll comes with is a standard USB mini to computer cable. I can't even find where to buy a usb to composite cable, and if I do will it work as you state? The analogue composite cable that comes with the camera shuts off live view when it is inserted, so it's useless.