Simple Matte Box Effect

One thing I really like about Knoptop, is his dedication to practical effects. On Quick FX this week he shows us one of the oldest tricks in the book: the binocular effect. This is achieved by placing a matte between the camera and the subject to mimic the "binocular" look. Back in the day, a slide would be placed in your matte box to simulate this, but Dave really makes it easy by just holding it in place.

As a kid, I remember the disappointment I felt when I finally looked through a pair of binocs and found they didn't really look like this. I also find it funny in movies when someone looks through a pair of these and can zoom in and out. Not possible, unless you have a camera with a zoom lens, of course.

Comments said…
This is really cheap, which is awesome, and the aesthetic difference between a Flip and, say, a DSLR will sell the effect that the binoculars have their own particular visuals, distinct from the rest of of the movie.