Shooting Yourself Handheld

I think Knoptop has found a new level of microbudget filmmaking. While the rest of us might run solo operations using a camera fixed on a tripod, Dave has figured out how to get a handheld shot of himself without a camera operator. Whenever I've seen this before it's always been a self-aware tracking shot (the subject speaking into the camera), what they call a 'walk and talk' in the news biz. Dave's version is more traditional cinema--he acts like the camera isn't there, all while he's running it.



I'm using a monopod for handheld shots of myself for awhile (like this one: - german only). I always find it very difficult guessing what the camera sees. Therefore I found a small mirror to be sticked an the front of the camera ( - german only(!)). But than I have to focus on the mirror for controlling what the camera sees.
Do you have another tip for me?