Awesome Security Camera Prop for $6

Every time I pass this thing in Harbor Freight Tools, I want to come up with a story where I can use it. It's a simple dummy camera to scare off intruders, but would be a great addition to any "we need to break into (or out of) where ever" story. Not only does the thing look authentic (in an old school way), but it oscillates back and forth and a little red LED will come on when it detects motion! There's another, more modern looking dome version you can also get, but that one doesn't move, and this one is $4 cheaper. And more fun.


msspurlock said…
I bought several of both kinds a while back and stuck real cameras in them.

Motorized security camera: $300.

Motorized dummy camera with real camera inside: $35.
knoptop said…
LOL! I think the same thing when I see that camer! msspurlocks idea is great too!