7" External SD Monitor for $44

Need an external monitor? Who doesn't! These are very handy to compose and frame your picture (way better than that tiny LCD) no matter what kind of camera you are partial to. Deejay shares a pretty thrifty find on DSLR Film Noob in the Haier portable TV that can also double as one of these bigger eyeballs. The price isn't as good as what I found mine for, but the Haier has a mounting thread (mine doesn't), standard RCA video inputs (mine doesn't) and is available for the said price (mine isn't).


DIYFilmSchool.net said…
The selling point to this monitor, to me, is the audio monitoring capability. I understand money is an issue with a lot of DIY projects, but this is probably one instance where I'd save up for a better piece of gear. This Haier will do the job, yes, but the battery life is atrocious, so it almost defeats the purpose. Still, it's good to know this is available.