Liliput Monitor HDMI Blink Fix

This week on DSLR Film Noob, Deejay shares a great tip (and gives credit where credit is due) concerning the popular Liliput external monitor. Apparently the thing will blank out for an agonizing length of time when you hit the record button. It does come back, but I can see the frustration this would cause. The fix is simple and free and is a tip I would appreciate knowing if I owned one of these monitors.

Now I don't use a DSLR (yet), but this tip could also be of value to anyone using this monitor with the HDMI out on their camera. I have an HDMI out on my Canon HFS100 camcorder and have used external monitors on shoots. I don't know if my camcorder would have the same issue as Deejay's DSLR, but it's good to know that there is a workaround if this issue does crop up.


Deejay said…
The Lilliput Field monitor will work with out problems on your HF s100. The blink is actually caused by the cameras video output change from HD to SD when you press record. Thankfully this doesn't happen on the HF s100.