Knoptop's Cheap LCD Viewfinder for DSLRs

In an continuing effort to share great content from talented folks across the web, I'd like to welcome Knoptop (AKA Dave Knop) into our little network. Like Deejay, Knoptop is a filmmaker with a lot of clever ideas he's sharing on YouTube. He's got some great stuff and I love his zany sense of humor, which is a nice counterpoint to my extremely dry delivery.

Today on Quick FX, he details how to create an viewfinder/loupe that allows easy viewing of fixed LCDs commonly found on most DSLRs that shoot video. The materials are readily available and you'll barely feel the cost. I love these kinds of projects and know that Knoptop will continue to give us more in the near future.

Stay tuned!

Comments said…
That's pretty cool!

I saw a build several years ago from someone who used posterboard and a magnifying glass. He simply screwed the tripod mount into the posterboard. Seemed to look alright, though I'll be honest, I haven't tried it myself.

With the parts Knoptop uses, I can probably make his for the same amount of money.