Sick Deal: 1TB Hard Drive for $79

When working with video (especially the tapeless variety), you gotta have a place to put it. Large hard drives are just part of the equation these days, but fortunately prices are so low that getting a huge drive to archive your video is no longer a cost issue. Today's post is case and point.

B&H is running a deal right now on a 1TB Iomega eGo drive that will give you an immense amount of real estate for a scant $79. A terabyte (that's 1,000 gigabytes!) of space should keep just about anyone (except a RED user) satisfied for a good, long while. I've never used the Iomega brand since the Zip Drive days, but I like what I'm seeing here. A few weeks ago I bought a 320GB drive on "sale" at Best Buy for $49. This deal puts that one to shame.

And hey, it's Midnight Blue!