Canon 60D on Sale for Under $1K

You may have noticed from my sidebar that the Canon 60D is the upper-end camera I would buy if I had the money. If you do have the money, this may be the month to get one. There is a deal right now that could get you a great filmmaker's camera for $999 (good until November 24). You still have to buy your own lenses, but one of the great things about the DSLR video market is the wide (and I'm talking WIDE) range of lens choices. Last year I bought my Canon HFS100 with some accessories for this same price. This year, the Canon 60D would be the obvious choice.


Martin Binder said…
This camera looks pretty sweet. I'm just trying to picture how it would be to use this instead of the Canon XL1-S that I'm using for my current short. Unfortunately from what I've read I don't think I'd be able to use the lenses from the XL1-S on this camera. Oh well, it's always nice to dream... :-)

Great site BTW...I hit it every day and subscribe to you on Twitter. I'm definitely in the camp of frugal fact, I just built your PVC light stand the other night! :-)
Scott Eggleston said…
Thanks, Martin! Enjoy the stand, those things come in very handy for a variety of uses. I use them a lot.