Multi-Purpose Mic for $27

In this episode I correct some problems folks have faced with past projects and answer some viewer mail. I mostly talk about Radio Shack's 33-3013 clip-on (lav) mic and the various things you can do with it. It should also be noted that the brand-new Zoom H1 Handy Recorder ($99) makes an appearance. I really like that gizmo and will be doing a full review very soon.

For those interested, pay attention to the unboxing of the microphone. It's all foley work.

Push play!


Anonymous said…
I have that Radio Shack microphone and I'm trying to combine this mic with a cell phone voice changer ( thats the exact one. I want to combine the two, any suggestions, mainly with connection and removing hot glue from the board.
John said…
This is a great recommendation. I picked it up on sale for $12 so watch when Radio Shack offers the special on it -- it's back up to $27 now.

Plugging the mic directly into my T2i this mic definitely runs hot so a way to watch your levels is great addition to the mic. said…
I love the tip about the PVC extension in your rig. Nice work!